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The Transformational Impact of Leafyard For Small Business

Micro Scooter Founders

This post has been written and authored by Leafyard client, Micro Scooters.

Micro Scooters is a family-owned and run company based on the beach in West Mersea, Essex. With 35  colleagues working to transform everyday travel for families across the UK, we know a thing or two about how exercise and movement can have a beneficial impact on people and the planet.

Our company revolutionised the way millions of people travel from A-B. We are renowned for scooters on the school run. We are revered for our award-winning, robust scooters. And we do all this with just 35 people in the team.

As a B Corp-certified business, it is a legal requirement to ensure we consider the interests of consumers, customers and colleagues when making decisions about our business. Since the business started nearly 20 years ago we have done our utmost to support local communities as well as the world around us.

From a colleague point of view, we have always operated flexible working, bonuses, above-inflation pay rises and perks in the office and at home. But we wanted to do more.

Micro Scooters family


A Breath of Fresh Air

We introduced Leafyard to Micro Scooters colleagues at the beginning of 2022. We did so partly in response to a colleague survey which said, post Covid stress was high within the team. But finding a solution to suit the new hybrid way of working was proving difficult.

Leafyard has been the answer to our prayers.

The self-paced digital solution works so well for our business and our colleagues The onus is on colleagues to use the solution in a way that suits them and their individual needs. We’ve had wellbeing solutions previously, these have often been in person and with the whole company, which just doesn’t work.

Leafyard has had a transformational impact on our colleagues.

Over 65% of Micro Scooters employees are active Leafyard users, logging in and watching videos, month after month. In fact, in the last quarter alone, the Micro Scooters team have watched an incredible 4679 minutes of Leafyard content. And it’s especially good to know 79% of colleagues would recommend using Leafyard to a friend in need.


The Benefits of Wellbeing

We are proud to be offering a wellbeing solution that works for our colleagues. A happy colleague is only a good thing for people and the planet. However, there have been some unexpected and surprising benefits of using Leafyard.


1. Bringing Teams Closer Together

We have seen a shift in how colleagues work and come together. We have colleagues in different places in the UK so a lot of meetings are done virtually. Before Leafyard the chitchat was often quite formal. Post Leafyard colleagues have been openly talking about the stages they are at with the app. How it’s making them feel. And equally are happier to open up and share with colleagues when things aren’t going so well. This is fantastic on
so many levels. This probably wouldn’t have happened without Leafyard.


2. Sharing Is Caring

The introduction of Leafyard has put wellbeing further up the agenda than it has ever been before. The team are just more open with themselves and each other about when their day-to-day is getting too fraught. This is revolutionary for so many reasons and ensures a happy, healthy working environment for all.


3. Hybrid Working

Post Covid saw a once in a lifetime shift in the way businesses run. Micro Scooters was no different. From a set up that saw everyone in the office 5 days a week to 2023 working in a hybrid working model which has its pros and cons.

One of the downsides of hybrid working is new or younger members of the team do not benefit from the camaraderie office working can bring. Leafyard has helped bridge the gap. Giving new and/or younger members of the team the tools and techniques they need to work in a hybrid fashion.

Leafyard has been nothing but a positive experience for the team at Micro Scooters.


About Micro Scooters

Child on scooter

Micro Scooters designs and engineers simply the best scooters on earth. From scooters with seats to toddler scooters, kids scooters, adults scooters and even an electric car – Micro transforms every day with scooters that are built to last, built to outlast.